Tips For Buying Cheap Sports Tickets To Your Favorite Events

While summer is the number one season sports enthusiasts are looking forward for thanks to all of the open-air events they can attend, this does not make the cold seasons a locked one with nothing good to see or attend. Concerts, open-air movie projections, football or baseball games, whatever your passion might be, your number one concern is most likely related to finding the cheapest sources for your tickets so you can go to as many as your budget money can buy. And given the fact that tickets for most sports events are not the cheapest you could direct your attention on, there are a few tricks you could use to actually not spend small fortunes on them and even get to save.

How To Find Cheap Entertainment Tickets

It’s not that hard; you just need to know where to look, and stay patient about it. Sporting events count among some of the most difficult forms of entertainment you can buy affordable tickets for, due to the large number of fans interested in seeing their favorite teams or sportsmen play at any cost. When the demand is high, the prices rarely go down, as per the approach of marketers looking to constantly boost their revenues. You can either buy the tickets when they go on sale, or you can take a chance and choose to purchase them second-hand.

Find Smart Ways Of Monetizing Your Passion For Sports

And of affording all the tickets you want, when you want them. If you are a huge fan of sports and you spend most of your free time placing bets online, watching online games, and reading news and reviews on your favorite teams and players, chances are you are also dying to see your favorites play live. While online sports bets can help you considerably round your ticket budget and help you afford your entires to the next big game sooner, there are ways of seeing this happen more often. Namely, you can become a promoter of your favorite sports or sports venues where you enjoy placing bets and wagers and get paid for it with nice commissions. The affiliate marketing program you can find here is one of the most profitable and popular in the industry at the moment. It will provide you with a wide range of services (also called verticals) to advertise through your site, blog, or social media pages by simply adding banners and links leading to the site you are marketing. So if you are already getting ready to buy a pricey baseball ticket for a big, upcoming game, you can work at improving your marketing strategy the month prior to the game and make sure you gather enough CPA or revshare commission money so you can afford to buy at the market price hassle-free. Avoid service fees by buying directly from the box office, or go on specialized sites like ours and take advantage of the discounts you can normally find here.

While you are eagerly looking for extra tickets released the day of the game after all tickets have been sold out, you can prepare your sub-affiliates commission money and ensure a front-row seat.

Tips For Finding Discount Locksmith Services

Those of you who enjoy hunting down discounted concert tickets on the web usually also appreciate a regular good shopping deal when they can find out. This also means discovering a good discount for a type of service they might need to use, such as locksmithing or home renovation. In case you are currently searching for a cheap locksmith in your area to do a regular lock maintenance service on your locks or simply re-key a lock – something you cannot actually do on your own – here are a few tips that should bring you face to face with an affordable, and at the same time reliable technician.

Steps To Follow

  • Search for a locksmith before you actually need his services. Accidental lockouts are great triggers of stress and anxiety, and your thinking is no longer clear and able to make the most best logical decision. So anything you can come across wthion 20 seconds form performing a fast search online for an emergency locksmith would probably qwork for you. But you could end up wit a scammer using low uqality tools and cahrging thrice as much as a regular locksmith. So it is best to do this search while you are calm and when you do not actually need a locksmith to begin with. Sort through all of the available locksmiths in your area and compare their flat rates, type of services, and availability outside their regular business hours. See how close their headquarters are from you and what’s the time frame they promise to reach your location in case of a lockout emergency. Also, do the search during the day.
  • Carefully determine your needs. Do you need an experienced locksmith who knows how to take care of home or office locks, or do you need someone who specializes in cars? You could be using the same specialist for your your emergency after-hour needs too, just make sure the rates they practice are not going to force you to file for bankruptcy. One excellent example of an Arizona-based locksmith company that is fully licensed and prepared to handle all categories of car, home, and commercial lock services is They offer nonstop, round the clock service and they cover all emergencies within 15 to 20 minuets from placing a call to their dispatch number you can find online. All of their team members are licensed authorized, and experienced technicians working with the most advanced tools in the industry. So they will be in and out of your home or car in no time, allowing you to quickly resume your work.
  • Consider at least 3 alternatives. While rarely, it is not uncommon for a locksmith to not be able to attend an emergency on time. In this case, it is best to have a second and third phone number to call so you can actually come across someone willing to throw you a hand. The great competition in this field should help you easily find at leats a few reliable options to look into and save in your contacts.

Greatest Moments in Chicago Sports History

Chicago sports teams like the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, and Blackhawks have such rich histories and memorable players that make these teams unforgettable.  We compiled the greatest moments in Chicago sports history and included the greatest Chicago sports moment of all time at end the post.  What monumental sport moment do you think we chose as our winner?

Imagine having Chicago Bears tickets for the biggest blowout game against the Washington Redskins.  Think about how emotional Michael Jordan’s final shot was, especially for those people who had Chicago Bulls tickets for that memorable game and witnessed it all in real time.  Fans that had Chicago Cubs tickets to the game against the Phillies would have been biting their nails as they began battling back from the 21-9 score at the top of the fifth inning.  Having Chicago Blackhawk tickets to see Bill Mosienko score a record breaking three goals in 21 seconds would have been amazing for any Blackhawk or hockey fan.

Chicago Bears

Owners of the Staley Starch Company and “Papa Bear” Halas came together to create the Chicago Bears on September 17, 1920.  Since then, the organization has completed 93 seasons and won a total of 9 NFL championships.  One could only imagine how cheap Chicago Bears tickets were in 1920, especially when compared the prices that tickets are today.  Regardless of the ticket price, the Chicago Bears had some incredible victories.

Greatest Moment in Chicago Bears History:

Goose Egg Score

Goose Egg ScoreThe biggest blowout game in NFL history was the 1940 matchup between the Redskins and Chicago Bears.  The game ended in a final score of 73-0.  The Washington Redskin coach publically humiliated their competition before the game by telling reporters that the Bears were “quitters and crybabies.”  This clearly wasn’t the case when the Bears showed up to play, which resulted in a spectacular game for the Chicago based team.

2nd Greatest Moment:

Interception Game Winner

Interception Game WinnerIn 2001, a game against the Cleveland Browns went into overtime after the Bears tied it up with a touchdown at the end of the fourth quarter with only three seconds on the clock. Going into overtime, Mike Brown ran the ball in for a touchdown after jumping up for the Hail Mary and intercepting the ball from Cleveland.  The game resulted in a win for the Bears with a final score of 27-21.

3rd Greatest Moment:

Chicago Vs Patriots in Super Bowl XX

Chicago Vs Patriots in Super Bowl XXIt’s a dream for every football team to compete in the Super Bowl.  The Chicago Bears had a ticket to the game that was televised on NBC where they took on the New England Patriots.  The Bears came out victorious with a final score of 46-10 to be crowned Super Bowl XX Champions for the 1986 season.

Chicago Bulls

One of the most prolific basketball franchises, the Chicago Bulls had their share of greatest moments and greatest players of all time.  Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Derrick Rose were just some of the Bulls players that helped lead the Chicago Bulls to victory throughout the years, making the franchise unforgettable.  Fans that had Chicago Bulls tickets, and Bulls fans overall experienced some of the best players in the industry.

Greatest Moment in Chicago Bulls History:

“The Shot”

The ShotA clutch moment in Michael Jordan’s career goes down in history as “The Shot” and symbolized the beginning of Michael Jordan’s dynasty with the Bulls.   It was during the fifth game of the NBA finals in 1989 where they faced the Cleveland Cavilers.  After a jump shot, Cleveland came back to take the score from 99-98 to 100-99.  With two seconds to go on the clock, Jordan received the inbound pass and hit a shot from behind the foul line to win the game 101-100.

2nd Greatest Moment:

42.1 Second Victory

42.1 Second VictoryIn 2009, Joakim Noah, the forward for the Bulls pulled off a 42.1 second shot in the third overtime to break the tie.  Joakim intercepted a pass from Celtic’s Paul Pierce.  Running down court he ended the game with a textbook dunk just in time. The game ended in a victory for the Bulls with a score of 128-127.  Imagine being a Bulls fan and having tickets to that game!

3rd Greatest Moment:

Victorious Season

Victorious SeasonIn 1991, the Bulls broke the existing record for most season wins by winning 61 games, which landed them a spot in the playoff games against the Los Angeles Lakers.  Leading the team, Michael Jordan received MVP awards for the regular season and finals, as well as winning his fifth consecutive scoring title.  This was the Bulls first championship win since 1966.  Imagine having a courtside ticket to that game!

Chicago Cubs

In 1870, The Chicago Baseball Club was created and thus the Chicago White Stocking were born.  The team started out as the White Stockings and experienced a number of name changes including the Orphans, Colts, Panamas, Rainmakers, Spuds, Trojans, Microbes, and Zephyrs. In 1902 a newspaper called the team the Cubs.  It wasn’t until 1907 when the organization adopted the name that is used today.

Greatest Moment in Chicago Cubs History:

World Series Win

Victorious SeasonIn 1907, the fourth World Series ever played was a matchup between the Chicago Cubs and the Detroit Tigers.  With a final score of 2-0 the Chicago Cubs came out victorious 4 games to 1 against the Detroit Tigers, earning the Cubs their first World Series win.  They win their second World Series the following year and oddly enough, beat the Tigers with a score of 2-0.

2nd Greatest Moment:

Homerun Victory Club

Victorious SeasonThe 1998 and 1999 season of the Chicago Cubs baseball proved memorable for Sammy Sosa when he became the first individual to hit 60 homeruns in consecutive seasons.  It was in the 1998 game against the Milwaukee Brewers that Sosa hit not just his 61st but also his 62nd homerun for the season.

3rd Greatest Moment:

Rally Hats On!

Victorious SeasonWhile the Cubs lost this game, it still doesn’t take away from their amazing comeback skills.  In 1979, the Chicago Cubs faced the Philadelphia Phillies for a high scoring fight for victory.  In the top of the fifth inning, the Cubs were down 21-9 where they battled back.  The final score was 23-22 with eleven home runs and 50 hits.  A year earlier the Cubs beat the Phillies and set a record for a total of 57 runs.

Chicago White Sox

In 1900, the Chicago White Sox became a part of the American League of baseball, and was the second baseball team based out of Chicago.  Stealing one of the Cubs nicknames, the team started out as the Chicago White Stockings.  The name was eventually shortened to Chicago White Sox.  Amazing plays, games, and hits helped keep this team successful since their early beginnings.

Greatest Moment in Chicago White Sox History:

Great Catch

Great Catch28,000 fans purchased White Sox tickets and witnessed “one of the best defensive plays” in White Sox history.  Three outs away from the end of a perfect game, White Sox outfielder, DeWayne Wise robbed Gabe Kapler of a homerun for Tampa Bay.  Had this ball not been caught, the game wouldn’t have been put in the record books as the second perfect game for the White Sox.

2nd Greatest Moment:

Walk Off Home Run and 2005 World Series

Walk Off Home Run and 2005 World SeriesComing off a batting slump, Scott Podsednik hit a 2-1 pitch to end the second game of the 2005 World Series.  This was Podsednik’s first home run of the season.  The seat where the homerun landed remained the same when they updated the stadium seats at the Cellular Stadium.  They went on to win the 2005 World Series three days later against the Houston Astros.  This was the first time they won the championship after experiencing an 87-year drought.

3rd Greatest Moment:

Fade to Black

Great CatchFans that had Chicago White Sox tickets wore black to the 2008 game against the Minnesota Twins.  The blackout was to support the potential of a berth to the playoffs.  Jim Thome hit a homerun that won the game with a 1-0 score and landed the White Sox in the playoffs.  This year, both the Cubs and White Sox made it to the playoffs

Chicago Blackhawks

Founded in 1926, the Chicago Blackhawks became a member of the National Hockey League that, at the time, only included six teams.  Since they began, the team has brought home the Stanley Cup 4 times, was two time Conference Champions, and received the Presidents’ Trophy in their 1990-91 season.

Greatest Moment in Chicago Blackhawks History:

2010 Stanley Cup

2010 Stanley CupAfter a 49-year draught, the Blackhawks took home the Stanley Cup.  The victorious win over the Philadelphia Flyers ended in overtime.  Patrick Kane drove in the winning goal, which ended the game with a 4-3 score, bringing the Stanley Cup back to Chicago.

2nd Greatest Moment:

3 Goals 21 Seconds

2010 Stanley CupGoing down in history as a legend, Bill Mosienko scored a grand total of three goals in just 21 seconds of play in a game in 1952.  Gus Bodnar assisted Moisenko for each goal during the third period.  The team went on to win the game against the New York Rangers with a score of 7-6.  Chances are, this NHL record will never be broken putting this Blackhawk player in the record books possibly forever!

3rd Greatest Moment:

Scoreless Game

2010 Stanley CupIn 1944, the Chicago Blackhawks took on the Toronto Maple Leafs in a hockey game that ended perfectly.  The game went down in the record books as a scoreless event.  Not even one penalty was called, dubbing this game a “perfect” scoreless game.

The Greatest Moment Of All Time In Chicago Sports History

The Last Shot Heard Around The World

The year was 1998 and the Chicago Bulls had finished their season with 62 wins and just 20 losses.  With a record like that it meant one thing…NBA playoffs!  It was game 5 of the playoffs and the Bulls unfortunately fell to the Utah Jazz.  Game 6 took place on Utah’s court.

In the first half of the game, Micheal Jordan scored 23 points but as the game neared the end the Bulls were down.  With a minute left on the clock, Jordan scored to tie the game.  Unfortunately though, the Jazz answered back with a three pointer with only 41.9 seconds left on the clock.  Jordan answers back with a layup to take to score to 86-85.  The Bulls were still down and the team was determined to finish off strong and win the NBA Finals.  Stealing the ball from John Stockton, Jordan hit a 20-foot jump shot with only 5.2 seconds left on the clock.  Utah attempts to answer back with a missed three point shot and like that the game was over and Chicago won 86-87.

Michael Jordan’s 20 foot jump shot was the shot heard round the world as the Chicago Bulls won their sixth NBA title.  Jordan wracked up a healthy 45 points for the game and was named the NBA Finals MVP.  With that, Michael Jordan retired from basketball for the second time after this monumental moment in Chicago sports history.
The Last Shot Heard Around The World