AC/DC is the Australia rock band that is known to have pioneered heavy metal. They were formed in Sydney, Australia in 1973. The band has gone through numerous lineups and has many former members. Current members of AC/DC include Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Cliff Williams, and Phil Rudd. Although AC/DC is considered "hard rock," they have been noted to classify their own music and style. Before even their first album in 1975, several members were changed. One thing that hasn't changed is the one of a kind show the band has continued to put on for fans over the years. Even early on fans with AC/DC tickets have always gone crazy whenever they came to town. AC/DC lost its lead singer and co-songwriter Bon Scott in 1980, and was reluctantly replaced by ex-Geordie singer Brian Johnson. In 1983, AC/DC's drummer Phil Rudd was replaced by Simon Wright but, then Phil Rudd came back and replaced Chris Slade. Popularity wise, AC/DC started their true success in 1979 thanks to the "Highway to Hell" album. However, after Bon Scott died after a night of heavy drinking, the band considered disbanding. However, the same year they replaced their singer; they would release their best selling album, "Back in Black." AC/DC tickets would sell out faster than any other band for the next few years. 

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