As the famed younger sister of the brothers of The Jackson Five, Janet Jackson, grew up under the influence of one of the most successful music groups of all time. Even though her career started around constant comparisons to older brother Michael Jackson and the rest of her famous siblings, it didn’t take long for Janet to emerge as a talent in her own right and one of the most respected female singers in history.

 When the Jackson sister released her debut album in 1982 she showed the world that she shared the same musical talents as her famous siblings. By the time her third album, “Control” hit the scene in 1986, she was a bonafide pop star. Her unique combination of rhythm and blues, funk, rap and disco music has made her successful in the R&B and pop music realms. With over 100 million albums sold world wide and numerous number one hits and awards to her name, she is often noted as one of the most successful women performers of all time.

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