Although they are one of the newest hockey teams to play for the American Hockey League (AHL) the Adirondack Phantoms have already managed to make an impact on the sport. The team, who began their play in the  2009-2010 season are based out of the Glens Falls area of New York, although their new home is considered to be a temporary location. They are affiliated with the NHL hockey team the Philadelphia Flyers as they used to be Philadelphia based and play under the name the Philadelphia Phantoms. However, when this team folded in 2009 a new team, the Adirondack Phantoms was born in this northern area of New York City under new team ownership. The teams popularity shot up even more as of the 2012 season when the NHL put a lock out on teams, helping the Phantoms to get the attention of a great deal of NHL teams as well as their own base of fans.

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